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    About me


    My name is Georgiana and I am passionate about two things: creative entrepreneurship and spirituality. I want to take you on a journey from the end to the start.


    I run my own business from home working a few hours per week only with what I consider to be my soul-aligned clients. I love to serve my clients and they love to pay me.


    It wasn’t like this from the beginning and it didn’t happen overnight either.


    It took me almost 4 years to get here since I shifted my mind around money and around running a business. The guiding principle in my journey was easiness and flow.

    I started 13 years ago running multiple businesses with different business partners. I got results and I succeeded in most of them but my perception was that I failed in each and every one of them because in the end I wasn’t happy.

    My belief about success WAS that doing the extra mile, working the extra hours, putting the extra effort or overdelivering for my clients will definitely bring me what I was looking for.


    I was always tired, exhausted, and unfulfilled. I often felt I compromised myself and sacrificed my being. I had to let go of what I considered to be my truth. I lost myself and my own dreams while achieving ”success”. 


    One day (in 2020) I decided to end all my business ventures and start my own business with my own rules and do it my own way. I started „Soul Aligned Business”, a program for creative soul-driven entrepreneurs.  

    I was ready to take the risks of what it means to be a solopreneur. It was only after I shifted my mind around achieving business success: doing the extra mile, working extra hours, and putting in the extra effort was SO NOT aligned with Who I am. 



    As women, we need to learn how to balance our feminine and masculine energy in a masculine environment like the business environment. We need to stay true to Who we are: we need to preserve this beautiful, authentic and powerful tool that we have: our feminine energy. ​

    Almost 4 years later (2024) I got where I always wanted: a dream business that serves only dream clients while reaching my dream financial goals. I didn’t reach millions, in terms of money or impact, but I have reached a level of financial and psychological comfort that allows me to feel free, to be creative, and to work on my own terms.

    My end goal was to be happy, to be myself, to feel free, to follow my heart, and to be able to live a conscious life according to my inner rhythm. 

    I am a woman, I have moods. Sometimes I feel creative and most of the time I am not. Sometimes I feel tired and all I want is to watch Netflix. Most of the time I read, I listen to podcasts and audiobooks and I attend courses … lots of courses. 

    I am not a man, a machine, or a slave. I honor my being and my inner rhythm and I allow myself to launch programs or work with clients only when I feel ready. I don’t push myself anymore.  

    I healed my relationship with money. I trust money, I rely on money, I feel safe around having it or not having it. I managed to love money instead of being scared of money. As entrepreneurs, we need to develop a strong, deep, and intimate relationship with our money.

    I act accordingly with universal energies, I flow with time, I surrender to life and I let this powerful universal force drive my life and my business to where it needs to be. 

    My journey as an entrepreneur was a journey of Becoming. Our businesses are not only financial containers, they help us grow, give us meaning in life, bring us closer to our potential, and connect us with other people that we are meant to serve.  

    Our businesses have a purpose: as creative entrepreneurs, we answer to the calling of our souls: no matter what that calling is, it is meant to serve, to heal, to bring hope, to solve problems, to give advice, to offer assistance, to create, to amuse, to entertain, to teach or anything in between. 

    We are here to elevate our minds and souls, we are here to enjoy, living the life that was meant for us, we are here to share ourselves with the world and our business sets the perfect frame to do it!
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