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    Vulnerability in business is not a weakness its necessity. Your customers fall in love with you, the real you. When a being stands in its truth, when it shows itself, the heart of the other begins to vibrate. Why do tears flow down our cheeks uncontrollably when someone is extremely truthful ... because it touches the sensitive chords of our soul, sings in our ear the music of the soul and makes our whole being vibrate in the face of truth.

    A dear friend of mine, who's also been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, when I asked him "how long will you keep trying in your business?" he replied "I am willing to go down with my ship". I was shaken by his answer because I felt he was serious. A man who had been successful in his youth, who had reached the million at least once in his business now risked literally ending up on the streets.

    There are people who like strong, short or long coffee and people like me who like sweet coffee with milk and cream, there are flavors, tastes, colors, sounds on frequencies and in infinite combinations that satisfy all tastes. There are customers who look for the cheapest products or services regardless of quality and there are customers who never imagine buying products or services that are not quality.