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    Karmic business or dharmic business?

    A business is not just a static structure, but a living energetic entity with its own destiny and lifespan, a name that gives it an identity (brand), a distinct personality, a psychology and appearance that differentiates it in the marketplace, a unique voice and a specific way of communicating, a personal anatomy, and a divine mission and purpose.


    There are two categories of business: karmic and dharmic. Karmic ones are meant to provide lessons and experiences of growth and maturation that help you realize your potential and prepare you for the Idea that is to come to you later, the one you will bring to fruition through your creative powers.


    The first steps in entrepreneurship often fall into the realm of karmic business, which provides the context for us to evolve, purify and connect to our inner forces. A self-aware entrepreneur understands how to cultivate a loving relationship with their business. 


    At the core of this type of business is passion, creativity, love, authentic self-expression, service to the world, authentic connection to the market and customers, authenticity, honesty and integrity in actions.


    Your business can only grow to the limits of your imagination. Connecting with your own essence opens the way to spiritual dimensions, allowing you to peek into the future and download information from a reality where your business is already a success. 


    We have the ability to travel on timelines and peek into the future. We just aren’t aware we can do it and we miss the necessary tools and understanding. 


    In the world of entrepreneurship, we can identify several types of entrepreneurs: 

    1. visionaries or pioneers – who produce major changes in the market and innovate in revolutionary ways; 
    2. improvers – who improve on existing things and take them to the next level; 
    3. imitators or copiers – who take existing models and adapt them to suit their own needs.


    Businesses are not just financial containers that provide you with a source of income, but portals that transport you to spiritual dimensions (other worlds than the one you live in now). 


    Visionaries such as Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Jeff Bezos, Naveen Jain or Mark Zuckerberg have had the ability to travel through time, to “imagine” a world other than the existing one and download information from that dimension, transforming the experience of humanity.


    The wealth and success of these people is recognition from the Universe for their courage to go beyond the limits of knowledge, facilitating quantum leaps for the entire planet and taking humanity on new paths of progress and evolution.


    You may be wondering if every entrepreneur has the potential to become an “Elon Musk”, a “Steve Jobs” or a “Walt Disney”. But if we stopped imitating the success of others and tapped into our creative consciousness and intuition, if we operated from the level of the Higher Self/Higher Mind, and if we accepted that there is a field of infinite possibilities, we could certainly reach our full potential and create businesses that impact the world in positive ways.



    • If you could create anything in your business, what would you choose to create? 
    • How would you choose to do things? 
    • Who would you choose to serve? 
    • What purpose would you choose to fulfill? 
    • How would you change the world?
    •  If you allowed your imagination to go wild what would you choose to do?

    My name is Georgiana and I am passionate about two things: creative entrepreneurship and spirituality. I want to take you on a journey from the end to the start.

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