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    Our business, our calling

    There are people who like strong, short or long coffee and people like me who like sweet coffee with milk and cream, there are flavors, tastes, colors, sounds on frequencies and in infinite combinations that satisfy all tastes. There are customers who look for the cheapest products or services regardless of quality and there are customers who never imagine buying products or services that are not quality. 


    There are people who never change their preferences and people who are always trying something new. There are customers for every type of service or product you can imagine. There is an infinite market and unlimited potential for anyone who is willing to let their imagination take them so far as to bring the “perfect” product to the market. 


    In business, as in life, you can only go as far as your imagination can take you. If you can imagine a life where you can find ”the one” that was meant for you, then you can also imagine a business that serves ”the one client” who, as well, cannot imagine life without your product or service. 


    If you have a business that you started out of passion and you have dedicated yourself heart and soul, a business that has grown you, formed you, educated you, forced you to overcome your fears, limitations, mistrust, a business that made you stronger, braver … don’t abandon it! That business believed in you perhaps more than you believed in it. The reason it didn’t work or isn’t working is because you’re not listening to it!


    I’m convinced that when you connect to the spirit of your business you feel the connection. If you are a true entrepreneur who has responded to an idea at some point and felt that calling in your soul you know what I am talking about! 


    A business is a consciousness in itself, it is self-aware, it has an intelligence and a will of its own, it has a purpose and a destiny to fulfill. Problems in business arise when you don’t listen to your intuition and follow what others say, when you forget to take the pulse of your own business and take the pulse of the market or the competition, when you do what the market dictates instead of what your heart dictates. 


    The universe bows to your devotion and loyalty when you answer the call. Maybe you’re going through hard times right now, maybe your business is giving you a hard time, maybe you feel like you’re in a no-win situation, maybe you’re tired of fighting, maybe you’re going through the dark night of the soul, or maybe you’ve even reached despair. 


    I want you to know that it all will pass, that you will find solutions, that you will get out of debt, that you will get through it! Stop asking yourself where you went wrong and don’t judge yourself for not knowing better and instead congratulate yourself for getting this far, you’ve come a long way and you deserve recognition.  


    Maybe there is no one next to you to put a hand on your shoulder, to encourage you, to tell you that even though you screwed up at least you tried, that’s why you have to stand by your side. Pour yourself a glass of wine, turn off the lights and sit in the dark so you can look at the stars. It’s okay if you didn’t reach them, at least you tried and got a little further from where you started. 


    God always rewards “boldness” with wisdom and the power to see that light now flows through your wounds. The struggles you have been through have not changed you for the worse but for the better and through your soul flows the beauty of the defeated person who knows now how to surrender. 


    Surrendering is not giving up and it is not a sign of weakness, but a proof of your faith that a force greater than yourself will turn your universe upside down and where walls were built before you, doors are now opened. Maybe no one will welcome you on the other side or show you any recognition but none of this matters! 


    Step in with confidence and continue your journey because if you still don’t get the recognition you know you deserve it means you haven’t reached your destination yet. Let yourself be guided by the Idea, which will always shine on the sky of your heart and show you the way.

    My name is Georgiana and I am passionate about two things: creative entrepreneurship and spirituality. I want to take you on a journey from the end to the start.

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