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    Soulmate client, a match made in heaven

    It is said that one of people’s greatest desires is to meet their “great love”. There are all kinds of relationships but out of all of them, there is “the one” relationship: a profound experience of soul fusion, deep connection, perfect fit and complete harmony. 


    In a loving relationship you feel deeply connected, inspired and motivated. This connection activates powers in you that you didn’t have before: you understand the other one’s needs, worries, challenges, desires and aspirations without them communicating to you, you become overly creative, vulnerable and confident to share your thoughts and feelings… you become authentic and able to speak from the heart. 


    When in love, you don’t seek to impress, to demonstrate, to persuade or to manipulate because the union that you share with ”the one” person drives you to express yourself at the highest level of your potential and to confidantly share your light. 


    If you can find your “other half” in life you can certainly are able to find it in business. The only condition is that you look for it because what you are seeking is seeking you. A true soul-aligned business is a business that comes as a response to a calling. 


    The “love at first sight” effect can also be experienced in business. It’s that moment when you walk past a shop window and see a dress or a suit that is simply made for you, it’s the perfume you fall in love with at first sniff, it’s the book you pick up and you stay up all night, it’s the song you listen to for 100 times or the person you can watch for hours and still feeling you cant have enough. 


    As a client, you have certainly been captivated, seduced, charmed or won over by a brand, product, service or personality. You know how it feels when you find exactly what you’re looking for, when a product or service perfectly fits your needs.


    I, for example, am in love with my dentist, the face cream created with love and passion from natural ingredients and produced in Cluj in a small laboratory, the Dior lipstick that sits perfectly on my lips, the car I drive, the coffee machine, the Teilor earrings, etc. 


    The laptop I fell in love with the first moment I took it out of the box, with my Remarkable I fell in love with the first ad I saw, airpods I can never live without, scented candles from Woodwick are a must when I create, so is incense from Athos Mountain. My Kindle accompanies me during all my holidays and “sleeps” with me under the pillow (just in case I wake up during the night). 


    Zoom, Canva, Leadpages, WordPress, Deepl, Audible are platforms I love to use and serve my business needs perfectly. Of course, there’s also the Starbucks coffee that brings back memories of my youth and the Hermes scarf that tells me stories every time I struggle to get it just right. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive, branded or cheaper products…any product/service that has been created with passion, dedication and consecration has it in its “destiny” to reach the one(s) it was created for and can find its own way to the soulmate clients as long as you don’t interfere with its destiny.


    When you create a product or a service out of love, when you are consumed by the creative energy that keeps you awake at night and absorbs you in the space of creation where time seems to stand still this is how you know that the product or service you create  is “the one” for your soulmate client.


    So ask yourself:

    • If my business would be a person, what would it want from me?
    • If my business had a soul, what would it be its mission?
    • If my business would have a purpose, how would it sound?
    • If my business would be alive how would it express itself? 

    My name is Georgiana and I am passionate about two things: creative entrepreneurship and spirituality. I want to take you on a journey from the end to the start.

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