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    The frequency of instantaneity

    Evolution is natural, in nature everything evolves even when it seems to stand still: in the invisible realm seeds germinate, cells fertilize, trees bud, everything vibrates with life.  Creations without love are dead and fade away in time, while those that come from the turmoil of the soul come to life and touch the hearts of those for whom they are intended.


    The world is not changing, it has already changed! Those who live a conscious life have realized that humanity has made huge leaps in the level of consciousness from which it operates. 


    The proof is in the market: never in all of human history has the world experienced such technological progress: whereas 10 to 20 years ago AI (Artificial Intelligence) was a science fiction concept, today AI is revolutionizing industries and is widely available. 


    Technological progress would not have been possible without raising the level of planetary consciousness and this is confirmation that a huge leap has been which has a ripple effect in all areas of life, especially business. 


    The means, the platforms, the structures on which we can develop our businesses with the help of artificial intelligence can exponentially increase the impact we have in the market, the success, the money, the number of customers, the resources available at the speed of light, but the mentality of many entrepreneurs and the way of doing business has remained 20 years behind. 


    Just as technology and all the gadgets we use in business are CONSTANTLY making updates, so should we make updates in our mindset, mentality, worldview, strategies or how we operate in our life and business.


    In business entrepreneurs still go to courses created 10 years ago to learn from others how they achieved success in a world that DIDN’T EXIST 10 YEARS AGO. 


    The accelerated processes of change that will be “by default” carried out by the forces of nature or intelligence that govern us will overturn economic systems, political, religious, educational and media structures. 


    These structures will remain frozen in time along with their “followers”. All of these structures including businesses that will continue to operate “against” the energetic currents of change will freeze in time or run in cyber loops until these people allow their operating systems to be reset and updated according to the new matrix. 


    New energy brings with it new thinking and new operating systems in a world that has totally changed its operating parameters. The marketing strategies, the promotional strategies, the templates, the concepts used in business, and the types of therapies or healing modalities of a few years ago no longer apply, no longer work.


    We live in a world of instantaneity where everything is possible NOW, but it is only possible if you switch mentally, emotionally, energetically to the frequency of instantaneity. The younger generations (children) understand this, they operate in the dynamics of multi-plane speed and what we call a hyperkinetic disorder (like ADHD, hyperactivity and impulsivity) is really nothing more than the speed at which they are able to operate.


    It is time to give ourselves permission, to allow and to let ourselves be carried by these energetic currents of change that take humanity to the next level.The belief systems that got us to this point prevent us from moving on to the next. We need to reset our thinking, to engage and immerse ourselves in our soul and learn a new way of doing things which comes more from being than doing. 

    My name is Georgiana and I am passionate about two things: creative entrepreneurship and spirituality. I want to take you on a journey from the end to the start.

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