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    The path of least resistance in business

    Most entrepreneurs identify only with the physical aspect of the business and seek to develop only the outside but our business is like a tree, its branches, crown, leaves, fruits can develop and grow healthily and harmoniously only in proportion to its roots.


    A vigorous tree has strong roots, deep in the ground. A seed, in order to grow, needs to stay as long as possible in the dark, where it germinates, draws its minerals and strength from the soil, increases its strength to push hard into the earth and make its way to the surface. Only then does it need to receive resources from outside that help it to rise (sun, water and air). 


    Nature is the most prosperous business of all time because it has lasted for millions of years. If nature manages to thrive despite all conditions, it follows laws that make it prosper. Our businesses can thrive by following these laws of nature, the most important of which is the law of least resistance and least effort: trees don’t struggle to grow, they just grow, flowers don’t struggle to bloom, they just bloom.


    As an entrepreneur, you’ve surely had times when you’ve had to walk in the darkness, maybe you’ve had long periods where you thought you’d never see the sunlight again, maybe you’ve been scared or lonely or felt overwhelmed, lost or had to face the unknown, maybe you’ve been afraid or scared that you’d lose everything. Surely there have been many dark nights of the soul and hard times that seemed never ending. But it is precisely this “darkness” from which we draw the most precious and necessary resources for our growth. 


    In business, fulfilling success comes when you realize the alchemy between light and dark, when you allow the darkness to draw more light out of you, when you allow failure to be the cornerstone of your success, when you achieve greatness through humility, when you turn fear into the courage to move forward, when you let vulnerability become your greatest strength. Then you are truly a beacon of success, an inspiring example and a creative force. 


    When your branches stop growing, don’t pull on them! That’s when, in order to soar higher, you need to get lower: strengthen your roots, pull out the weeds, add nutrients. The space from which businesses spring is our heart, it is our consciousness, it is the space of ideas that come not from the mind but from the Higher mind. 


    When you feel you’ve tried everything you can to give your business growth impulses but to no avail, there’s only one place you can go: to the roots. Our business is an extension of ourselves, it’s a mirror reflection of Who we are. When we suffer, our businesses suffer, when we feel inspired, thriving on the inside, our businesses make inspired leaps and thrive on the outside.


    If you feel like you’re working hard and yet your business is stagnating or worse, going downhill then it’s time to stop everything you’re doing and reflect: 

    • What parts of me are out of alignment? 
    • What unloving decisions (to self or others) have I made in my business? 
    • Where and in what ways am I compromising myself? 
    • What do I do and don’t really want to do? 
    • Where do I force myself, put pressure on myself or not allow myself? 
    • What structures in my business are no longer aligned with who I am (my customers, promotion policy, marketing strategies, pricing, promotion channels, etc.)?

    My name is Georgiana and I am passionate about two things: creative entrepreneurship and spirituality. I want to take you on a journey from the end to the start.

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