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    Vulnerability in business is not a weakness

    Vulnerability in business is not a weakness its necessity. Your customers fall in love with you, the real you. When a being stands in its truth, when it shows itself, the heart of the other begins to vibrate. Why do tears flow down our cheeks uncontrollably when someone is extremely truthful … because it touches the sensitive chords of our soul, sings in our ear the music of the soul and makes our whole being vibrate in the face of truth. 


    It is said that God has given man tears for when words fail him. The beauty of a naked soul revealed before us takes our breath away, transports us into the space of pure love before which one cannot remain still. 


    There are people who speak from from that space, and the only response you get is tears. Perhaps right now, as you read these words and their truth resonates within you, a tear is creeping down your cheek. I don’t want to knock at the gate of your mind, but at the gate of your heart because what reaches the mind fades with time but what touches the heart bears the imprint of immortality. I do not seek to impress you but to impregnate in your soul the fragrance of my presence, it is the only true gift I can give you. 


    Why do we take love out of the equation of business and success? Love is the animating force of life in the universe, it is the principle of universal order, the only true Law that all the world’s religions recognize and bow down to. 


    We run from love and run after love at the same time. This paradox keeps us frozen in time and space, we close our hearts because we do not want to suffer or be disappointed forgetting that only an open heart willing to be hurt can encounter and recognise love. 


    Naveen Jain, a pioneer in his industry and a self-made trillionaire says that being an entrepreneur is often the same as running naked in front of a crowd. If you’re not willing to put yourself out there, risk your reputation, stand in the face of criticism, judgment and … you’re better off not pursuing entrepreneurship. Being brave is not about not being afraid, it’s about going forward with your knees shaking. 


    In 13 years of entrepreneurship I have lost more money than I have made and cried more than I have enjoyed, I have had more failures than results and I have been afraid more times than I have had courage. 


    We’ve been programmed to only evaluate outcomes in business and draw the line: success or failure, but entrepreneurship isn’t just about outcomes, it’s about the Journey to the outcome, about the person you become while moving towards the outcome.

    My name is Georgiana and I am passionate about two things: creative entrepreneurship and spirituality. I want to take you on a journey from the end to the start.

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