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    When you create, you step outside of Time

    A dear friend of mine, who’s also been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, when I asked him “how long will you keep trying in your business?” he replied “I am willing to go down with my ship”. I was shaken by his answer because I felt he was serious. A man who had been successful in his youth, who had reached the million at least once in his business now risked literally ending up on the streets. 


    Although he had lost everything he had and was now living modestly, perhaps even on the edge of survival I never once heard him complain. To me, these entrepreneurs are contemporary heroes, they are people who are willing to die for an Idea. These are the people who inspire me! 


    Not just those who are successful and got there, but especially those who are not successful but never give up. They know that one day the Angels will blow their trumpets and the wheel of fortune will turn for them. You know that success is inevitable when you stop striving for it, when you stop struggling, when you stop trying to force anything and you just give all of yourself to the dream. 


    Life keeps you young and time changes frequencies for you. Over other people, time passes by and it graces their faces with regret, giving up, unfulfillment, wears them down, ages them prematurely. When you create, you step outside of time, your being is absorbed in the space of pure ideas, in the field of possibilities, the place where creations are born. 


    When you have sleepless nights because you are chasing an Idea that you cannot capture in the physical realm, you need to sink into nothingness, into non-being to dive into this magical space where Ideas fly like butterflies. Creative people can’t work from 9 to 5pm because ideas don’t show up at your will, creativity has a will of its own . Sometimes Ideas don’t come at all, no matter how hard you try. Other times, they settle on you like butterflies, they don’t stay long and you have to drop everything, forget about yourself and immerse yourself in their universe. When you come back from that space, it feels like a few minutes have passed but in fact, it’s been hours or weeks. 


    The ability of creative entrepreneurs operating from the level of creative consciousness to innovate and achieve remarkable results surpasses any mechanical attempt to match those results. You don’t arrive at innovation on the paths trodden by others, but on the potholes you’ve made for yourself by wandering down paths untrodden by anyone else. Lasting success must be directly proportional to the contribution you make. This is how you know for sure that you have reached your destination. Recognition is the other side of success, you deserve it and it is a testament to your dedication.

    My name is Georgiana and I am passionate about two things: creative entrepreneurship and spirituality. I want to take you on a journey from the end to the start.

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