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    What do we want as female entrepreneurs?  

    Well, if you’re like me, you might want it to be easy, you might want it to be fun, you might want to feel deeply connected with your products, services, and the clients you are serving, you might want to be in love with everything you do, you might seek pleasure in your entrepreneurial endeavors, you might want to feel inspired with every action you take, you might want to feel that you can’t fail, you might want to be massively compensated for your work, you might want to trust your money flow and feel intimate and safe with your money, and you might want to have an impact, to make a difference.  

    If nothing worked by now and you haven’t seen the results you were waiting for, it’s because you listen to others more than you listen to yourself. 

    The reason things don’t work in your business the way you want is not the inefficiency of marketing tools, platforms, or the methods you are using. The possibilities that are available nowadays in terms of selling, marketing, and advertising (and all the automation in between) have never been available in the entire history of mankind as we know it. 

    The reason things don’t work in your business the way you want is because you don’t listen to your business. You are not 100% connected with the heart and the soul of your business, you are misaligned with some or all of its components. 

    The reason you don’t have enough clients is because you’re still projecting negatively onto them, you unconsciously practice separation instead of connection, you are still needy and you haven’t learned how to love and trust your clients enough so they can fall in love with your products and services.

    The reason money comes to you slowly or doesn’t come at all is because you don’t trust them, you don’t know how to step into your financial flow, you are being too tolerant with your minimum and too afraid to raise your maximum, you haven’t learned yet how to play with the energy of money, how to open yourself to it, how to allow it to nurture your life and your business, how to give yourself permission to be massively compensated for your work.     

    The reason you’re stuck at a certain level of impact or a certain type of client is that you haven’t upgraded yourself and have not stepped confidently into your next version of Self, that version of you that is already successful.

    Your business has a heart of its own and your job 

    is to align your heartbeat with hers.

    Things are not coming to you just because you want them, they come to you when you BECOME them. The most powerful law in the Universe is the law of resonance. Everything that enters your life is everything that vibrates at the frequency you are at. 

    We are constantly manifesting things, people, events, or circumstances in our life, we cannot NOT manifest them, as there are laws in this Universe that govern our existence. This applies to business as well. 

    The metaphysical laws are immutable, they work regardless of what you think about them, just like the law of gravity. When you think, feel, speak, and act accordingly it is called alignment. When you are in alignment, your energy flows, you feel the ease, and you live in sync with Life. Synchronicity is the Organising Principle in the Universe. You start observing synchronicities and things start to line up in your favor. 

    I am sure you had moments in your life and your business when everything just fell into place effortlessly. You might think this is random and it cannot be under our control but there is no greater truth than this: everything in our life matches perfectly Who we are at the deepest subconscious level (our core level). 


    Becoming aware of everything that lies in our subconscious is not impossible but it requires our full awareness. We need to become aware of everything that moves inside: our thoughts, feelings, patterns, beliefs, values, vision of the world, expectations, projections, etc. 

    We don’t have to change it all at once, we just have to follow the leads that life is showing us. If you have money problems, you have to ask yourself: what is my relationship with money, what are my beliefs about money, what are my feelings regarding money, what are the negative projections I make towards money, what are my past experiences with money and how do they influence me, what is it about money that I still don’t understand, how can I change my experience with money, etc. 

    You can treat your money issues on the outside and take as much action as you can, put in all the effort, and try to make more money but soon you will start seeing the same patterns. Or you can dive deeper and see what’s underneath. As soon as you break some patterns you will start seeing results: money will start showing up again in your life. 

    Everything that happens in our life is just feedback. Its information showing us what we need to change, what we need to heal, what we need to understand, what we need to release or let go, what new beliefs we need to adopt, what boundaries we need to set, what we need to stop doing or what we need to start doing. 

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